A Good IT Security Policy

Your IT security policy has an impact on how your employees act online when they are at work. Your employees must read the IT security policy and sign that they have understood it. We will, among other things, help you ensure that your employees have read the security policy and achieve better IT security. 

IT Security and Data Protection – How and Why?

Your data should be protected so malicious people can not access and misuse the information. You can protect your data by investing in awareness training that helps your employees to learn how to act in cyberspace and how to manage data. Read our article about the General Data Protection Regulation.

IT Security and Hacking

You and your employees can be victims of hacking when you least expect it. Hacking is when cyber criminals gain access to and misuse your computer and files. There are some things you can do to avoid that information belonging to you or someone else is misused. You probably know the good advice, but being reminded of them and putting them into practice can be good: 

  • Make sure to have strong passwords. 
  • Lock your computer when leaving it – also if you only just need a bathroom break.

What Is ‘Internet of Things’? 

Do you ever think about how many devices collect data about you in your everyday life? It can be your refrigerator, your robot vacuum cleaner or your SMART-tv. You should be aware of this to prevent devices from collecting and misusing data about you. 

Internet of Things makes your everyday life easier, e.g when your refrigerator reminds you to buy milk, so it definitely has it’s benefits. The main point is that you should be critical over what information you share with your devices. 

What Is Phishing? 

The purpose of phishing is to “fish” information out of you. It can e.g. happen via a link in an e-mail, that you believe is sent by someone you know and trust. If you click the link, malicious people might gain access to the files on your computer and misuse the information. 

What Is Ransomware? 

Ransomware is a malicious program that a hacker can install on your computer and thereby gain access to programs, private files, pictures and videos. The malicious forces will then attempt to deny you access to your device and require a ransom to unlock it. Even if you pay the ransom, you might not regain access to your device. 

What Is Social Engineering?

Social Engineering is a sort of cybercrime where cyber criminals pretend to be someone they are not, e.g your manager, and ask you to transfer money immediately. It can seem like an e-mail coming from a reliable source, but you can easily be tricked. In our e-learning, we will go through the subject with practice-based cases to test your knowledge.

You can read more about cybersecurity on the Center for Cybersecurity’s website.

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