Webcast Best Practice for Cyber Month

Webcast: Best Practice for Cyber Security Awareness Month

best practise for cyber month

Time: The 29th  September at 4 pm CEST.

Subject: Cyber Security Awareness Month, celebrated every October, helps to highlight the importance of cyber security and the collective effort required to prevent cyber attacks.

However, a month-long initiative is not enough to make a real, long-lasting impact on staff security behaviours.

Our upcoming webcast, ‘Best Practice for Cyber Security Awareness Month’, explores how organisations can make the most of Cyber Security Awareness Month and keep security top of mind all year round.

This 40-minute webcast will discuss:

  • Cyber fatigue and the difficulty of engaging users
  • Tips for planning Cyber Security Awareness Month
  • Maintaining momentum and employee engagement throughout the year
  • Ongoing cyber awareness certifications
  • Thinking outside-of-the-box when it comes to cyber initiatives

Presented by: Lauren Zink – Awareness and Culture Manager, Indeed, David McClelland, Technology Reporter and Robert O’Brien – CEO MetaCompliance.

Robert O’Brien has over 30 years’ experience in the IT industry. He is an award-winning cyber security thought leader and CEO of MetaCompliance, a global leader in the human aspect of cyber security and privacy.

He is passionate about helping organisations keep their staff safe online, secure their digital assets and protect their corporate reputation. Robert recently published ‘Cyber Security Awareness for Dummies’, a book which offers a best practice approach to staff awareness campaigns and improving employee security behaviours.

In June 2022 MetaCompliance acquired MOCH. Together they can combine their domain expertise and shared passion for learning delivering state-of-the-art eLearning, Policy Management, Incident Management and Phishing simulation solutions.