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Reading the IT security policy is probably not a top priority when your employees are starting their daily tasks. At MOCH, we know how important it is to read the IT security policy and that your employees practise good IT security.

The organisations that have gone through our e-learning about cyber and information security, have also been successful with something other than the learning itself: getting the employees to sign that they have read the IT security policy in continuation of the e-learning. Focussing on the subject whilst the employees learn something new works very well. Our compliance platform has a smart feature that allows you to send reminders to your employees. You can remind them to remember the e-learning and sign that they have read the IT security policy. 

Following the IT Security Policy is Everyone’s Responsibility 

Both you and your employees have a responsibility to create good IT security. Your employees are your weakest link and strongest armour against cybercrime. You know how big an impact one click can have on the IT-security, so now is the time to train your employees! Did you know that studies show that it in average takes 229 days before a security breach is noticed? This gives the cybercriminals a long time to install malware and ransomware in your systems. 

In Our E-learning, You Will Learn Things Such As: 

  • spotting a phishing attempt
  • making a strong password
  • what you should do if you experience something suspicious

Campaign Materials 

Using campaign materials is a good way to create a focus on becoming more cyber aware in the organisation. They are included in our solution and made to make streamlining the communication about e-learning easier. 

This e-learning solution has created value in many organisations – both larger and smaller. Should it also create value in yours? 

Do not hesitate to start the dialogue with us today! 

Many of our costumers choose to include their IT security policy at the beginning of the e-learning, so the employees can read it and confirm that they understand it.

It is important to have an IT security policy because there must be clear guidelines for how to behave online as an employee in an organisation.

Read more about cybersecurity on Center for Cyber Security’s website.

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