GDPR training

The Danish Data Protection Agency Recommends Continuous GDPR Training

Your GDPR training should be taken seriously, and we do so at MOCH. In our e-learning we will go through all the rules of GDPR, so your employees will be equipped for how to manage personal data correctly. The training involves the participants, so they remember what they learn. 

The Danish Data Protection Agency point out that continuous GDPR training and certification is important when training your employees. 

Disclosure of Personal Information

In April, The Danish Data Protection Agency published a decision on risk assessment for passing personal information. The case was about personal data being passed on in a company’s response to customer inquiries. It was i.a. information regarding location that was passed on to unauthorised people. 

In our e-learning about GDPR, there is a section on whether there is a legal basis for passing personal information. We also have modules about the requirements for good data managing, the data subject’s rights and Privacy by Design and Default. 

Read more about our GDPR awareness training.

In their decision, The Danish Data Protection Agency emphasized how the education and training of employees in data protection is insufficient. The initiative taken is that different employees have completed one e-learning course since May 25th of 2018. 

Read the decision on the Danish Data Protection Agency’s website.

Recertification and Reference Work

The benefit of training your employees with e-learning from MOCH is that our courses able recertification. This means, that your employees must take the final test again, once a time period of your choice has passed. This could, for example, be after a year. This way, your employees will receive a new certificate and keep their knowledge updated. We regularly update our course in collaboration with legal experts when new additions to the legislations are made. This way, your employees will be completely up to date when completing the e-learning. Using the e-learning as reference work is also a possibility. This means that they can easily look something up if they are in doubt. 

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