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Passwords We use them many places in our everyday lives and in our working lives. We tend to forget them when we return from vacation. They are sometimes the source of frustration, but also of security. They can be hard … Read More

Hacker attacks – 7 tips to avoid them

Hacker Attacks A hacker attack can strike like lightning from a clear sky. In recent years, several Danish companies have suffered hacker attacks. In November of 2020, a large news agency was hit, resulting in having to shut down their … Read More

What is phishing?

What Is Phishing? Phishing is when cybercriminals try to gain access to sensitive information or files on your device by luring you into opening infected links in e-mails or text messages. In a study from 2020 regarding Danish people’s information … Read More

Facts about cybercrime

Facts About Cyber Crime This article presents a number of facts about cybercrime, which is a real threat to many organisations.  Fact #1 About Cybercrime Did you know that around 400.000 phishing sites are created daily?  Phishing is when malicious … Read More

10 tips about IT Security and your IT Policy

10 Tips For IT security And Your Organisation’s IT Security Policy IT security is important for every organisation, whether you work in a private company, an NGO, or a public institution. When it comes to IT security you can consider … Read More

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The IT Policy – get your employees to read it

Reading the IT security policy is probably not a top priority when your employees are starting their daily tasks. At MOCH, we know how important it is to read the IT security policy and that your employees practise good IT … Read More

IT Security while working from home

7 IT Security Tips For Working from Home Use a VPN connection Make sure to lock your computer when leaving it. A set of cat paws or some baby fingers can easily press something wrong Update your programs Have strong … Read More

IT Security: Good tips

IT Security: Good Tip #1 Safe Passwords A safe password is important when it comes to good IT Security. A password must consist of: Both lower-case and under-case letters Numbers Symbols A strong password:  should be long – the longer … Read More

Avoid malware and ransomware

Malware And Ransomware – Advice On Avoiding It Malware and ransomware are a potential threat to many organisations and private individuals. Knowing what it is and what to be aware of can in many cases prevent it from becoming a … Read More

Worth Knowing about IT Security

A Good IT Security Policy Your IT security policy has an impact on how your employees act online when they are at work. Your employees must read the IT security policy and sign that they have understood it. We will, … Read More