NIS2 webinar

Webinar: Prepare your organisation for NIS2

Andrej Savin
Luke Noonan

Time: September 14th 2022, at 10:00-11:00 AM, CEST


Andrej Savin

Bio: Professor WSR at Copenhagen Business School and Director of CBS LAW. Andrej’s main research interests lie in Information Technology Law, and in particular Internet governance in the US and in Europe. He concentrates on EU policymaking in the digital single market. His research projects included an EU-funded FP7 project on privacy on user-generated networks as well as a number of EU SMART projects on digital economy. Andrej Savin also works on law and management in the legal environment, in particular with focus on the interplay between law, ethics, business and society in the digital world.

Luke Noonan

Bio: Luke is Enterprise Sales Manager and has worked with MetaCompliance for 5 years. He works with MetaCompliance’s enterprise customers to help them create and implement their awareness strategies globally. Luke is a law graduate and has worked in technology projects for over a decade.


The new NIS2 directive significantly expands the scope to more essential sectors and services, so that all medium and large companies in certain sectors are included.

At the webinar a risk management approach will be introduced with specific new measures imposed. Andrej Savin will also address the security of supply chains.

To effectively comply, companies will need to formulate new cyber security governance models, particularly paying attention to information security, business continuity and incident response.

Luke Noonan will guide you on how to create and implement a personalised and automated awareness strategy.

Target group:

The webinar is for CIO’s and CISO’s who are working with cyber security and who wants to prepare their organisation for the NIS2. Furthermore, you may be interested in knowing how you can create the necessary awareness about cyber security and compliance internally in your organisation through awareness training.

The webinar will be in English.

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