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Alm. Brand wished to make their employees understand the importance of IT security and how to maintain a good security level in practice.

The reason for this was that they earlier had met some challenges in regards to security. Among other things, that the employees did not give much thought to security in their daily tasks. Because of this, they wished for a learning solution that was easy to implement and where the content was high quality. They also wanted their employees to read and sign the IT security policy, so this also had to be a part of the solution. Especially the professional content, the easy implementation process and the practice-based cases were some of the reasons that Alm. Brand chose MOCH’s cyber security awareness training.



MOCH delivered a compliance solution with cyber security awareness training 1800 users. The awareness training is available on a tablet, smartphone, and computer, so it can be accessed around the clock. Within the solution was also additional campaign materials, such as posters hung up around the building to create a focus on the subject. The campaign materials, that also consist of information folders, are available online on the intranet. This way the employees can estimate if they want to print them – putting less of a strain on the environment by only printing on demand. 


The need to train your employees in IT security through realistic cases was met by implementing the solution from MOCH. The awareness training has taught the employees at Alm. Brand to spot attempts at e.g. phishing, social engineering, and ransomware. Through practice-based scenarios, the employees were able to recognize examples from their everyday lives, where they had to decide how they protect the company data best. They have in other words become more cyber aware and pay attention to locking their computers when they leave it as well as react if they experience anything suspicious. Aside from this, they have become more aware of shoulder-surfing in public. 

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