GDPR Master Classes


Our GDPR awareness training centres around the fundamental requirements and regulations to be aware of whilst managing personal data. But in addition, we also have supplementary Master Classes, targeted specific employee groups, which go into depth with the legislation regarding specific work areas. You can read more about the Master Class for HR and managers in English below. We have Master classes for marketing employees and editorial employees in Danish.

gdpr master classes
GDPR for HR and managers


HR employees and managers have a special responsibility regarding how and when they process personal data about employees as part of their work – both prior to, during and after the employment. For instance, personal data is treated during work in recruiting new employees, handling staff manners and sick leave, and when having performance appraisals and salary meetings.

Therefore, it is important that they are aware of the issues that arise in managing employee information and are able to ensure that the information is neither mistreated nor misplaced. 

In this course, the GDPR points that are particularly relevant to HR employees and managers are reviewed, including: 

  • Sensitive and confidential personal data
  • Purpose and legal basis 
  • Necessary information and purpose limitation
  • Duty of disclosure