Anti-corruption awareness training

Effective awareness training


Could you be in the risk of ending up in case about corruption?
Have you considered what could happen if your employees are not able to identify possible risks or suspicious actions?

We live in a world that is still more regulated. Under these conditions comes serious sanctions if the anti-bribery act is broken.

To comply with the rules, you need to have robust procedures for awareness training for your employees.
We acknowledge that all organisations meet this challenge. That is why we have collaborated with some of the country’s best experts on the subject to make a learning solution based on their experience. This makes it possible for you to access high quality awareness training for your employees.

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See how our Awareness Training can strengthen your Organisation


What is corruption?

Corruption can take many forms such as bribery, misuse of information, fraud, and embezzlement.
Those criminal acts happen across many sectors and organizations.

Many organisations have a code of conduct describing rules and norms. However, it can be difficult for your employees to know the differences during a busy workday. Is it okay to receive expensive gifts from collaborating organisations? And what should they do to avoid nepotism? Your employees will learn about this and 9 other subjects in our online awareness training.

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Why is it important to avoid corruption?

It is important to create and remain a good reputation and avoid sanctions. With our awareness training about anti-corruption, you can create strong procedures for your employees, so they comply with the rules.

It can be difficult to identify corrupt actions and know how to act in the situation.

After the online course, your employees will be able to characterize corrupt actions and know how to react.

By training your employees with awareness training you can avoid ending up in situations that are harmful for your organisation.

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How can awareness training help your organisation?

With our online anti-corruption course your employees will learn how to avoid corruption.
They will learn how to react to acts of nepotism, expensive gifts, and extraordinary events.
You can take a responsibility to avoid corruption in your organization. By investing in awareness training about anti-corruption you can teach your employees to be alert. The course is available in 5 different languages.

The Process is Simple:

The Employees Receive a Log-in for the Awareness Training

You reach everyone in the organisation at once and the employees can access the Awareness Training on their mobile phone, tablet, and computer.

The Employees Receive a Certificate

The awareness training ends with an intelligent test and the employees will receive a certificate by e-mail. Recertification is later possible.

Keep Track of the Statistics

You can keep track of the number of people who have completed the awareness training, send reminders, and view detailed statistics, e.g. the success rate of the individual questions, in our intelligent compliance platform.

FAQ about the anti-corruption course

The course takes approximately 30 minutes.

The employees will be able to identify different kinds of corruption.

The e-learning consists of an introduction, some scenario-based cases, a dictionary, and a final test.

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Our online course is relevant for employees in organisations that trades and makes agreements with other organisations.

Danish, English, German, Czech and Polish.

Yes, our courses make your employees aware of your internal policy for anti-corruption.

It is an advantage when you need to onboard new employees and when you must update the knowledge about regulations of the current employees. This is also where our recertification is useful.

We have a set-up that helps your employees understand the consequences of not knowing the content of the course. It will be stated clearly what happens if the employee is not compliant.

Our course is developed by the best learning specialists in the country. With our academic content and pedagogical approach, we want to ensure that the employees remember the ground principles in their daily work. This way they know how to react if they end up in a situation that represents a risk.

Our course set-up is connected to an intelligent compliance platform. With the platform you get systematical insights in relation to completion of the course. It is easy to report to the management.

It is difficult to come with one answer to that question. However, it is a fact that a prosecutor will access certain things. Firstly, whether your employees are well enough informed about rules and politics. Also, however your organization follows these rules during their workday. Secondly, they will evaluate how effectively your employees are trained in handling compliance risks.

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