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We Work For A Wiser World

MOCH is a modern EdTech-company and a part of MetaCompliance. We specialize in awareness training and have more than 3 million users on our learning solutions. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we work for a wiser and more enlightened world for our costumers and their employees through digital learning.

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To make our users just as excited to learn as we are. MOCH wants to contribute to a wiser and better-connected world. MOCH wants to create the best digital learning experiences. We unite people of knowledge with people in need of it. 


MOCH develops intelligent awareness training. We have a sharp focus on technology-based education – particularly regarding GDPR and IT security. More than 300 organisations – large as well as small – use our set-up and has integrated it in their compliance programs. Our costumers have great faith in our high professionalism, thoroughly-tested pedagogical methods and above all automated implementation process. 

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“We focus on strengthening the employee’s behaviour via high professionalism, data-driven solutions as well as pedagogical and motivating learning processes – all within the mandatory business processes, regulations and areas of legislation. We know that there are many ways to learn. Therefore, we have worked to develop and test our learning methods through a number of projects since 1999. We offer a professional and pedagogical method as well as a digital toolbox that guarantees an effective, fun and motivating learning experience – regardless of their starting point and approach to learning.

Morten Ørsted and Christian Ravn

Founders of MOCH

ISAE 3000 certified

We are ISAE 3000 GDPR certified, which means we do annual IT revisions and manage your data safely. If you want to learn more about our certification, you are more than welcome to speak to one of our specialists.