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Awareness Training That Creates Value

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3 benefits of choosing Awareness Training from MOCH

Automated mail flow

Automate your awareness training with reminders, follow ups and onboarding of new employees. Save time and increase employee engagement.

Relevant Cases

Employees are presented to everyday cases and learn from relevant and realistic examples which suits the employees’ professional profile.

Statistical Overview

Gives you an overview of the knowledge level in your organization, where to adjust and the tool to optimize and report to management.


Your employees must know the regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation. We will go over the law’s most important rules and train your employees in managing personal data correctly through practice-based cases. The course is developed in collaboration with subject specialists and built using world class learning methods. In other words, it is complicated legal material communicated to be easily understood. The awareness training is available in more than 15 languages.


Your employees are your strongest asset but can also be your weakest link if they do not know enough about good cyber security. One wrong click in an e-mail can have major consequences. With awareness training, you can make your entire organisation more cyber aware. Through interactive and thoroughly-tested cases your employees will learn the most important security routines in regards to Cyber and Information Security. The awareness training is available in more than 6 languages.

Our costumers have given us a Net Promoter Score of 9.3

We have used the course module ’Cyber and Information Security’ for all employees in the Municipality and think it’s a good way to practice awareness. The benefit is that it reaches everyone in the organisation and therefore creates a strong knowledge base. However, the course is also supplemented by a dialogue with centres and departments at e.g. staff meeting, etc. In addition, we also have the GDPR course.

Palle Granfeldt

Informations Security Coordinator, Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality

Head Towards Awareness

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